Crushing Goals

I am a girl of goals. Not big, huge goals. But I have found over time that I work more productively if I have something in mind that I am working towards. Whether it be training for a race or to get my to-do list done by Saturday evening, I have to have it written out (take my Bucket List for example), otherwise I have a hard time staying focused. Not ADD (although some may say otherwise), I just get excited by a lot of different things all at once.

With that said. Last week I got to cross something wonderful off my Bucket List. I got promoted at work! Now, I don’t talk about work very often here on the blog for many reasons. I don’t even know if I’ve ever told you where I work. But I WILL tell you I WAS an Administrative Assistant. Which I wasn’t always proud of, but am so happy with how that job turned out. It’s easy to feel like you’re not doing anything important as an Assistant. But if you ARE one, I promise, you are doing VERY important things. I know firsthand. But NOW I am transitioning into a Web Content Specialist.


I am so excited to get all my training done and know everything there is to know about HTML and CSS and Javascript and all those wonderful nerdy things that I’ve always been interested in learning but never thought I’d actually go into. But it’s funny to look back at how I felt when I wrote my bucket list. Being promoted was never really something I was sure of would happen. Mostly because I was an assistant. I didn’t think there was anywhere to go.

But God has bigger plans for me than I can see. All the things I complained about in my first job, He has found a way to fix in this new job. I don’t sit all by myself now. I’m on a team with other people. I have someone to actually talk to. Like, a real human being. Whattt?! I have a window! And my own thermostat! No more feeling deprived of Vitamin D or shivering under a blanket. I’m sure in time I’ll find something to complain about at the new job because let’s be honest. I’m human. As in, very, very human.

So I tell you all this so 1. You can share in my excitement, 2. So you can maybe see where you want change in your life and trust God that He’s got it all in control (as always) and 3. On a more practical note, let you know it’ll be a little harder for me to post here but I am taking a stance here and now to not let it fall by the way side. If any blogger out there has any advice for juggling a big job and their blog, I’d love a teensy bit of advice! And maybe a hug (is there such thing as an e-hug?). Cause I know I’m gonna need it as I continue into my rigorous training…

No more scheduling meetings for this girl! Just attending them! And on that note, heading out for a meeting now… I’ve got some more goals to crush!