Sweet, Sweet, Sweater Weather: 7QT

Shall we spend some time with Jen? Well duh we should. So here we go, off to Conversion Diary for 7 Quick Takes.

1. Did you know it was football season? I’m assuming, if you do not, you are living under a rock. Because that seems to be what monopolizes the cable networks this time of year. But in the past few years, I’ve seemed to mind less and less. You see David is an avid football fan. He is constantly rooting on the Houston Texans and/or finding out when the next game is on, even if it’s not his team. And ME, being the wonderful and doting wife that I am, have decided to learn about this bizarre and violent, American past time. Every year he trys to re-teach me but THIS year… I have started reading football for dummies. No joke. But what I’m most looking forward to is going to see the Texans play in December. AND maybe a pit stop in Indianpolis for some Notre Dame football. Who knows? I’m feeling generous! But between you and I, the thing I like most about football is that it means it’s fall AND the food isn’t all the bad either ;)

2. So a few weeks ago I mentioned that the Pope was going to be heading to Philly in 2015. What? No fair right?!? But don’t fret, Annie. As Detroit’s mayor AND our Archbishop have just decided to send a formal invitation to Pope Francis to come to Detroit. It all came after one of our local schools started a campaign to write letters to the pope. Being that I work for the Catholic community IN Detroit, I would be placed RiGHT in the thick of it all, and let’s just say I’m not complaining. I’m just thinking… the pope loves the poor and is always talking about econmics, well we have 1. lots of poor 2. We’re probably the poorest large city in the states (but beginning to bouncing back) and 3. the economic state of our city governement is still not up to par. Plus we have a pretty awesome Catholic community around these parts. All these things, in my mind lead to getting Francis here ASAP!


3. I love getting my nails done. What I don’t like is paying the prices to do so. Especially because I have a pretty steady hand so can make it LOOK ok, but my biggest pet peeve is when I find it chipping a day or two later. So you can imagine how happy I was when I found a CLEAR gel nailpolish that will make your nails not chip AT ALL for at least a week. And then after the week, they may start chipping but nothing too dramatic. The polish is called Gelous: Advanced Gel Nail Coat by American Classics. You can only find it at Sally’s or other beauty supply stores. But the best part is it’s only $6! Whereas a professional mani usually costs $25-30. And that’s only for ONE mani. Here are my nails after 7 days! Not too shabby if you ask me…


4. There is nothing in life that a little cheetah and ankle boots can’t handle. Maybe that should be my new life motto…


5. There has been a huge craze over essential oils latley, amiright?!? I’ve been pondering about dabbling with these slippery creations for a LONG while now but finally pulled the trigger and bought a few. And am very happy about it. I bought a starter pack of lavendar, lemon, and peppermint, a bottle of Eucalyptus for cold season, and a roll on headache blend called Past Tense. The ones I bought were from doTerra, as a close friend of mine is a sales associate and hooked me up. I also plan on trying Young Living oils as well as another close friend sells these oils and I’ve heard a LOT of great things about YL plus their selection is gargantuan (if you want either of their contact info let me know or go to Chelsea’s doTerra site here and Olivia’s Young Living contact page here). The lavendar has helped me rest easier, the lemon wakes me up AND curbs my appetite and the peppermint has helped a stomach ache or two. Among many other things that these oils do. I’ll keep you updated on my oil experiences! I’m sure you’re dying to know.

6. Today I brought a sweater to work. To permanently sit on the back of my chair. It’s that time of year. FALL. My favorite season. *Insert happy white girl dance here*

7. Do you know what a polar vortex is? Well that is what we are in. And apparently they can last up to 4 winters. Basically… do you remember how bad last winter was? Well this winter is supposedly going to be worse. Then next winter will be even worse than this one. And THEN the winter after that will start getting better……………………………………………………….No. You’ll be able to find me hibernating or making as many winter trips to Florida as I possibly can. I mean I love winter I really do… but 3 more winters of hell-like winters conditions? Jesus give me da patience…

Have a happy fall-filled weekend!