Seeing Doubles… of Santa?

So I don’t usually get too excited about the final products of the crafts I make. Mostly because they are not up to my rediculously high standards of having that store-bought look. But I have to tell you. That has all changed.

A few weeks ago I was looking for an easy Christmas painting to try out on one of the many canvases laying in my basement. I looked for a while until I came across this blog.

She showed how she made her very own version of an expensive Pottery Barn painting and for a fraction of the cost! Might I add the original Pottery Barn Santa was over $100?!?  I loved how it looked but wanted a similar look without putting a dent in my pocket. I was sold.


^^ Santa on the left is my vintage-Santa and the one on the right is my retro-Santa. The vintage-Santa is the print that is used on the original over-priced Pottery Barn Santa.

This project takes very few materials and if you can trace a picture and color in the lines, you can accomplish this one.

The first step is finding a Santa picture you like (or any picture for that matter). I found both of these (A and B). The one on the left (A) was the original Pottery Barn art that I fell in love with, but I also loved the retro-ness of the one on the right (B).

So I tried both.

I printed the images out and with the side of a pencil, shaded the entire back of the image. Then, I flipped the image over so it was laying face up on the canvas. Make sure to tape down the image on your canvas otherwise the paper will slip and you’ll lose your tracing lines.

I then traced the entire Santa face. Tracing it will then transfer the shading from the opposite side onto the canvas. I will warn you it will be VERY light. So after I was done tracing the Santa face, I went over the faint lines on the canvas once more with a pencil. This made it SO much easier to see.


Now that I had the picture on my canvas, all I had to do was paint! I picked up some paint pens, ones that have a calligraphy tip, to make angles easier. You can pick any color, but I chose gold for my retro-Santa and silver for my vintage-Santa.

I filled in the lines with my paint, referring back to the original image when necessary. And that’s it! If you want, you can add a colorful border which I plan on doing.

Or if you’re feeling extra whimsical, you can go over your paint with clear ModgePodge and then cover it in glitter. I bought gold glitter for my retro-Santa but was so happy with how it turned out, I decided against the glitter.

It was such an easy project and one that I can now use for other holidays. You can really make it as personal as you want since you are the one making it your own. I don’t know why I never thought to do this before.  So please don’t spend an arm and a leg for holiday canvas! Just make your own!

So, tell me! Which Santa do you like better?


Come back soon to see where I place it in our new placeand be sure to check out A Bowl Full of Lemons  and Ladybug Blessings for other great craft ideas!


The Stinks of Life

Sometimes life just stinks. And sometimes there is just nothing we can do about it. But sometimes, we find a little something that makes it stink just a  little less.


Before I say anything more about this post, you just need to watch this video. Because 1. It’s hilarious and 2. You’ll have a better idea of where I’m going with this.

Ok. Now that you’ve seen that, this post is going to make a lot more sense. I saw this product a few years ago and I thought it was brilliant. I even added it to one of 12 Days of Gift Giving for the Jokester in your life. Let’s be honest. Who likes to be the… well… stinky person at work or a friend’s house? No one! I’m a lady and let me just say I like to smell like one too!

So when I was introduced to essential oils of all things, I was MORE than pleased when I came across a homemade version of PooPourri. If you’re not familiar with essential oils, I know some incredible ladies who can help you out. Just let me know! Oils are great for keeping your family healthy and giving you the extra boost in your day. They are also wonderful at making your “pit stops” to the ladies room a much more pleasant experience all around.

This is all you’ll need!

  • One 2-4 oz. Metal Spray Bottle
  • Water filled almost to the top
  • 15-20 drops of each of your favorite smelling Essential Oils. (I used Lavendar, Lemon, and a touch of Peppermint and Eucalyptus from doTERRA. I recommend using their Citrus Bliss blend and/or Grapefruit instead of Peppermint and Eucalyptus. I did this in another batch for a family member and it was AMAZING.)

Fill the bottle with your water and oils, give a brisk shake before you use it each time, and 2 sprays into the toilet bowl before you tend to your “business”. The way it works is basic 1st grade science. Oils don’t mix with water right? So the oils that come out (after shaken) of the spray bottle create a thin film over the top of the water in the bowl. It’s like a stink-shield. It keeps all the stinkiness below the surface. Genius right!

Yes, I suppose these are the things that are hush hush in life. But everyone does it and everyone stinks sometimes, so I think everyone can benefit from taking a little stink out of their life, amiright?!?

Filling Little Walls: DIY Earring Hanger

So does anyone out there live in an apartment? Or maybe you don’t and you can still relate to this… There are just certain living spaces that have awkward, little walls. My place is filled with them! Crazy little angles here and there that make up the miniature corners in my place.


^^ Crummy photos, the cause of a rushed morning.

Well I just have to say that they are not easy to fill. Especially when there are so mamy of them. In my bedroom, we even made more little walls on accident. We put a long armoire with a large mirror above it on a big blank wall, leaving small spaces on either side of it to fill. On one side we put a large San Domiano crucifix. And then we left the other side blank for months!

Until one day I was going through some stuff I was going to throw out and I found a frame I had never used. For some time I wanted a way to display some of my jewlery, specifically my earrings. I already had my necklaces hanging on hooks on the wall but was at a loss for my earrings.

In steps the frame.


First I popped out the glass, carboard, etc. Then I had some twine lying around my house so I then preceded to cut and hot glue strands of it in rows on the back of the frame. Waited till it dried and tested out some of the earrings. Some of them were a bit heavy and made the twine droop, so on those ones I just put a little more glue to secure it. Then I hung it up with a small nail.



And voila!

It was super easy and I only used things hanging around my house. Because I hate when I’m working on a project and have to run out last minute to pick something up at the hardware store. This is just so much easier.

So there we have it folks, one more little awkward wall filled! Now for about 10 more of them and I’ll be good to go …..

Pinterest Yays and Nays

I’m sure we’ve all had them. That moment we are on Pinterest and think, “That is the most perfect (fill in the blank) and I must make it now and it will look perfect just like this picture and I will be named the Pinterest Queen!”

Then you make said-project. And it resembles a pile of trash more than the item you pinned. Oh I’m sorry, that hasn’t happened to you? Just me? Well aren’t you just Martha Stewart, now.

Anywho, the other evening I tried to make these:


From this recipe.

But the first batch turned out looking like this.

photo 3

Not. Pretty.

The second batch was much prettier and thankfully, they tasted a lot better then they looked. Which I guess, in the end, is the whole point. They were super easy to make. Instead of using the seasonings it calls for in the recipe, I actually used rosemary, some salt and pepper, and garlic. Nice. And. Crispy.

As for my Pinterest “Yays”, it isn’t complete yet, but I’ve been in the process of filling the floating shelf in my living room. I’m just waiting to get a printed wedding photo on canvas and it’ll be almost complete.

Here are a few of my inspirations:




And here is the start of what I have so far (when it was decorated for Valentine’s Day):

photo 1

It’s a project still in the works as you can see, but notice the Austria print out I mentioned here?!

So don’t leave me hangin’. What are some of your Pinterest hiccups/successes? I’m hoping I’m not the only one…


I thought I’d share some “Five Favorites” with Hallie and Christie today. It’s been a while but this is one of my favorite “5 Favorites”.

I love printables. If there is a holiday coming up or really anything random, chances are I’m looking for a printout. I have a frame in my living room I keep changing out depending on the time of year/holiday. So here are a few of my faves.

You can ALSO check out my Pinterest board dedicated to print outs which is always growing!


This one you can find HERE! And let me tell you, they have a lot more where that came from. This Austria one is currently gracing my living room, as David and I both studied abroad in Gaming, Austria. This company is probably my favorite when it comes to looking for fun, retro, print outs with a nice pop.



This vintage music of “O Little Town of Bethlehem” was my fave Christmas printout that I displayed. It gave the place a much older feel which I’m always a fan of.  You can find it HERE!


S print out

Who doesn’t love a good monogram? This one is so cute for a small frame on a bookshelf or a desk. You can find it HERE in any letter!



I’ve had this one sitting in a frame in my house for the longest time, trying to find the perfect place to hang it (I don’t have a lot of wall space in my kitchen). But just in case, you can find it HERE along with a bunch of other fall printables! The Dating Divas is one of the best places to get printouts for the record…


4th of july

I have my eye on this one for the 4th of July. Cute banners are always a plus. You can find it HERE! (Whipperberry is ALSO a great place for printables)

Do you have a go-to place for printables? Let me know!

Going for Gold

Over the weekend, I had a little time to get some projects done around the house. And might I just say, that is such a good feeling. To be able to spend some time on making the place a little more homey.

I had a little time to kill on Saturday so I dcided to do a quick project that I’ve been wanting to get done for a while now. I picked up three small white bottles from the dollar section in Target a few weeks ago and knew they needed to be spiced up a bit. All it took was a quick pit-stop to the craft store (in this case Michael’s) for a few items. This whole project cost less than $12!


All I needed was:

  • 3 small bottles (Target dollar section OR the Dollar Store may have some)
  • Painters Tape
  • 1 can of Metallic Gold Spray paint


^^ This was what it looked like before *yawn*

Being in an apartment, we don’t have much room for painting but the bottles were small so I just stepped out to the balcony for this one. I taped up the entire bottle, only leaving open the space I wanted gold. I just held onto the bottles and gave them a quick spray over (wear crummy clothes because I still have gold paint that dusted onto my arms from the wind).

zb fvzxb


I let the bottles dry upside down for about an hour after I brought them inside. Removed the tape and voila!! While I was at Michael’s I had picked up some fake roses and cut them down to fit in the bottles.

photo 3

I love the look of gold as an accent because it gives a very finished and romantic feel. Which was a definite plus because our bathroom has turned into a Paris-y kind of domain so the romantic/elegant feel fit just right. It also worked great because we have an awkward little shelf right above our toilet, which for the longest time, I had NO idea what to do with. Now, it houses our little gold vases. Do you use gold as an accent in your home?